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Church Catalogue Church Catalogue 2023
Rosary prayer
Pictures on wood with processed paper
Handmade pictures in canvas with gold in gold
Pictures on wood with unchanged metal and paper with special treatment
Images with a plastic base, unchanged metal and paper with special processing, Pictures in wood with an outline of unchanged metal and paper, images with unchanged metal, relics, pills, plastic bases, laminated images
Gift boxes with bottles for myrrh, oil, amulet and incense
Irregular wooden pendant, prayer clock
Diplomas leather, wooden, calendars, seals
Wooden and ceramics magnets
Saints list for pictures, diplomas, calendars, gift boxes, their Wooden magnets
Bottles for holy water and oil
Tomas in unchanged metal, bottle with myrrh
Decorative crystals, resource
Ceramics with a rose, enlightened, pomegranate, night churches, porcelain pills
Candles, candlesticks, incense, carbon, thymias, cables
Keychains, car pendants, badges, amulets, glass pendants
Baby rugs with wax, baby bracelets in packaging
Gift with amulet, Constantine in gift packaging
Roses with wax, with metal cross, with a wooden cross, Wax fluctuated, medium rod with rubber, rosary wax Coarse, rosary binoculars, rugs with gold -plated
Religious bracelets, with rhinestones, wood, pearl, hematite, crystal, minerals stones, handmade macrame, steel, ivory, bracelets male with Cross on leather, rubber, stainless steel, with lava
Bracelets in card with a symbol explan Box, steel rings with crosses
Crosses for the throat female and male, with metal, Czech stones, Zircon, ivory, wooden, stainless steel (from steel), hematite
Wooden pink, handmade knitwear, crystals, hematite, mineral stones
Bags - textile tags
Wooden musical instruments and toys, wooden boats, water whistles

Children waxy prayer ropes, children bracelets with talisman