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Church Catalogue Church Catalogue 2023
Rosary prayer
Images on wood with treated paper
Handmade pictures on wood with canvas in gold print
Images on wood with unaltered metal and specially treated paper
Pictures with plastic base, unchanged metal and specially treated paper,
Pictures on wood with a border of unaltered metal and paper, pictures with
unaltered metal, relic cases, pill cases, plastic bases,
laminated images
Gift boxes with bottles for myrrh, oil, amulet and incense
Irregular wooden pendant prayer clock
Leather, wooden folders, diaries, stamps
Wooden and ceramic magnets
List of Saints for the icons, diptychs, calendars, gift boxes, their
wooden magnets
Bottles for holy water and oil
Tamatas in unaltered metal, bottle of myrrh
Crystals decorative, reso
Ceramics with reso, illuminated, pomegranates, night-current churches,
porcelain hoppers
Candlesticks, candlesticks, incense, charcoals, incense sticks, candlesticks
Keyrings, car pendants, badges, charms, glass pendants
Children's rosaries with wax thread, children's bracelets in a package
gift box with talisman, Konstantinato in a gift box
Cords with wax thread, with metal cross, with wooden cross,
fluctuating wax, rosary medium with elastic, rosary wax
thick, rosary cords two-tone, rosary cords with gold thread
Bracelets religious, with rhinestone, wood, pearl, hematite, crystal, mineral
stones, handmade macrame, steel, mother of pearl, men's bracelets with
cross in leather, rubber, stainless steel, with lava
Bracelets on card with symbol explanation, bracelets children's gift sets on
box, steel rings with crosses
Neck crosses for women and men, with metal, Czech stones,
zircon, mother of pearl, wooden, stainless steel, hematite
Wooden rosaries, handmade knitted, crystals, hematite, mineral stones
Bags - woven bags
Wooden musical instruments and toys, wooden boats, water whistles

Frequent Questions / Answers

Can I buy from your company if I do not own a store?
No, we address only to merchandisers, churches and monasteries.

Which are the shipping methods?
By post, courier or Transport company.

How many days do you need for sending my order?
Usually customers orders leave from our storage on the same day. It depends on the post or courier, or the transport company.

How can I pay for my order?
You can pay by using Moneygram, Western Union or by bank deposit to our bank account.

If I need further information how can I communicate with you?
are at your disposal via email: , via telephone 0030 210 4812047, 0030 210 4814933, and by fax: 0030 210 4815335